P1060757In very great interest passed the fourth Chestnut Festival organized by the Directorate of the Natural park Belasitsa.
The attendees of the celebration had the opportunities to touch the local folklore and to taste traditional for the region foods and drinks.

In the creative studio, organized by Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, children painted and enjoyed.
People from the Podgorie region showed to their guests local hospitality.
The director of the Park thanked to all local people who took participation in the Chestnut Festival and emphasized that only with common efforts may continue the tradition which has already started and Chestnut Festival to become an emblem of the Natural park Belasitsa, Podgorie region and Municipality of Petrich.       This is a unique for the region event which is realized thanks to joined efforts of the directorate of Natural park Belasitsa, Municipality of Petrich,  Southwest state enterprise – Blagoevgrad, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, "Vasil Levski" Secondary school (Village of Kolarovo) and the active secretaries of the local community centres.


Map of the region

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