Belasitsa mountain is unique, very interesting and little known even for the people who live in its footstep. Divided between tree countries (Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia (FYROM)) and being a place for dramatic events in the past, today it bridges three different nations.

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Natural park “Belasitsa” is the newest Natural park in Bulgaria. The park contributes to the biodiversity conservation and also to the ecotourism development.

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Ancient forests, protected and endemic plant and animal species, unique and representative community and ecosystems in treeless zone on the mountain Belasitsa.

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Belasitsa offers different and interesting opportunities for hiking and bicycle tourism. For visitors who prefer challenge, we offer long routes. Short routes around the villages and chalets give opportunities even to the most unprepared tourists to experience the magical world of this incredibly beautiful mountain.

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Welcome to the official website of the Directorate of Natural Park "Belasitsa"

P1060237The Directorate of Natural park “Belasitsa” will present a film for „Natural heritage of Belasitsa” on 11th December. The event will be held in the hall of municipal administration Petrich from 6 p.m.
The initiative aims to raise awareness of the natural resources of the mountain Belasitsa. Each school will receive as a gift a disk with film for „Natural heritage of Belasitsa” and a book “Butterflies in Natural park “Belasitsa””.


Map of the region

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the last fish eaten,
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you will realize that you cannot eat money.

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