Kolarovo is a village in Petrich Municipality located at 14 km from the administrative municipal center, at 400 m a.s.l. Up to 1966, the name of the village was Kolarevo. It has bus connections to the town of Petrich and the neighbouring Belsitsa villages at every hour. The number of houses is 750-800; the number of citizens – 2400. It has 100% of electrification and is among the few in Bulgaria which have 100% sewage as well. All mobile connections are available.
Local people grow tobacco, vegetables and fruits (vineyards, apples, cherries and peaches). Stock-breeding is also developed. Local school is called Vasil Levski and it offers primary and secondary education. There is also a kindergarten. The Yane Sandanski Chitalishte was founded in 1939. It has a female singing group, a male singing group called “Komit Song” and a children’s dance ensemble. In the Mishovitsa locality about 4 km north of the village, scientists have discovered remains of a prehistoric settlement. Remains from the Roman era have been found in the localities of Topilishte and Bratsko Pole; to the south of the village and Bratsko Pole, there is a flat necropolis (graves have been fenced by bricks and tiles). Settlements from the Roman Epoch and the Ottoman Period have been registered in the localities of Debelishte and Lazarets; one can see the foundations of stone walls with mortar. A small settlement from the same period existed in the nearby locality of Angelitsa. South of the village, in Chukata locality, there are remains of buildings from the Roman, Medieval and Ottoman periods, incl. a Medieval fortress. One of the buildings has a rectangular shape and has preserved walls of up to 1 m. Late Roman and Medieval coins have also been dug out.
Kolarovo was mentioned in the Ottoman registries from the 15th c. The means of livelihood of local people in the 19th c. was primarily agriculture (maze, rice, wheat, tobacco, sesame, poppy, cotton, hemp). Part of the agricultural production was sold at the markets in Serres, Drama and Thessaloniki. The village was liberated in 1912 during the Balkan War when Turkish population left. After the Allies War in 1913, refugees came to settle from the villages of Liposh, Gorni and Dolni Poroi of Kukush Region. The population continued to live on agriculture and stock-breeding.
The church and the village holiday are celebrated on Dimitrovden (October 26). On the second day of Easter, local people gather at the Chukata locality.
Phone code of Kolarovo: (0)7423; postal code: 2880.

Map of the region

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