Belasitsa Nature Park was declared to protect the natural resources of the Belasitsa mountain:

  • ancient forests, mainly composed of beech, chestnut and plane-natural habitats;
  • protected by law and endemic plants and animals species;
  • unique and representative communities and ecosystems in the treeless zone of the Belasitsa Mountain.

Belasitsa  Nature Park is located in the southwestern part of Bulgaria and covers the northern slopes of Belasitsa Mountain. It’s territory is bordered to the west by Macedonia and to the south by Greece. Belasitsa Nature Park covers lands of the villages Gabrene, Skrut, Kluch, Yavornitsa, Kamena, Samuilovo Kolarovo and Belasitsa (known as Podgorie) and Petrich, all located in the municipality of Petrich, Blagoevgrad district. The total area of the park is 11 732, 43 hectares.

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Map of the region

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