The management of the Nature park "Belasitsa" is implemented by the Directorate of the park, which is subordinated to the Executive Forest Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. As an administrative structure it exists from 1st September 2008.

The subject of its activity includes:

  • Implementation of the Management Plan;
  • Maintenance and restoration measures for plant and animal species or their habitats;
  • Conduct educational programs;
  • Elaboration Informational and popular materials for park;
  • Building and maintaining hiking trails and tourist infrastructure;
  • Carrying out activities related to cultural heritage protection;
  • Monitoring the status of priority natural habitats, plant and animal communities, populations of protected, rare and endangered endemic species of flora and fauna;
  • Controlling the sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Maintain database.

Belasitsa Nature park Directorate consists of four employees:

Dobriel Radev

Chief expert “Biodiversity, international activities and projects”
Sofia Kostadinova-Ilkova

Chief specialist "Infrastructure and Public Relations”
Margarita Georgieva

Sonya Kirova

Map of the region

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